Lifting Weights

Why have Personal Training?

Making a Positive Impact

the role of personal trainer is Multi dimensional, it is a role that demands a depth of knowledge in a range of areas, broad skill set across a variety of fitness disciplines an impeccable attitude and the ability to relate to a diverse group of people.
The benefits of personal training include:
-the regular contact between me and yourself I am always available to talk fitness but usually its anything.
- every session is different sometimes it can be challenging but other times it will be working different aspects of fitness.
- Having PT sessions has the advantage of having something that is designed for you! what that means is that the sessions will work to what you want to achieve.
-the exercises will always be adapted, so what that means is that you could be having an off day ( we all have them) so the session will be scaled back and made easier or simpler so you are able to achieve the best results.


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